„We see ourselves as a value-adding partner for the slaughter industry.“​

stomach pouch cut
stomach butterfly cut
pork feet
pork hind feet
pork bladder
pork rectum
pork pancreas
pork spleen
pork tongue
pork greenrunners
pork aorta
pork uterus
pork intestines
pork heart
pork kidney
pork larynx
pork liver
pork loinribs
pork moon bones
pork mucosa
pork spareribs
pork trachea
pork back fat, rind off
pork back fat, rind on
pork back rind
pork belly rind
pork cutting fat, rind off
pork cutting fat, rind on
Our Sales Team

Michael Hausgaard Dahl

Head of Sales

Our Head of Sales Michael will be happy to answer your questions worldwide.

Seven P.

Sales Manager Asia

For your inquiries from Asia please contact Seven personally. Gladly by mail.

Nicolai Korup Thomsen

Sales Manager

Nicolai is happy to answer your questions from all over Europe.